OneTap: 2-Factor Biometric Authentication


The problem

I have three kids while shopping with them; I encounter some challenges while at the checkout counter. Things I noticed while having this situation:

  1. Tap/Insert/Swipe the card?
  2. Taking iPhone out and tap on the checkout machine?
  3. I was tackling three kids while deciding if I bought the extra stuff while waiting for my wife to come and rescue me.

How can I make sure that I, as a parent, don’t need to fiddle around to find my wallet or smartphones?

My goal

Built a prototype in 30 days and present it in front of 100 people to gain insights, reactions, and reservations.

My role

I acted as a forward-thinker, product owner, and this helps me to think from every aspect of product development. I used the value-proposition-framework and started asking questions like “Why it is needed,” “What problem we are going to solve,” and “How might we expedite the adaptation?”

Digging deeper

  • I curated the fingerprint related research from Apple Pay and Google Pay documentation.
  • Then added “heart pulse” details after reading an interesting article in Wired Magazine from 2014.
  • While researching in-depth, I also came to know that how the OneTap idea can help reduce the Credit Card related or anything related to the plastic card pollution.
  • Roughly 6 billion credit cards are produced each year by card manufacturers worldwide, according to the International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA).
  • If you were to add all of the credit cards in circulation on top of one another – like stacking them up – you would get a mountain as high as 13 Mount Everest.
  • In the US, around 30 million tons or 60 billion pounds of plastics are discarded annually, with only about 7% of them recycled.


I set up four prototyping goals:

  1. On-boarding the user, by swiping a VISA gift card and pairing it with the fingerprint and heart-pulse, store it into the local database.
  2. A low-value transaction test.
  3. Finger-print and heart pulse data retrieval successfully for at least 4 people with the cards associated with them.
  4. Running a test transaction with at least 4 people.
OneTapPrototype Goal

Honey! I got rid of the card!  

We took one month to complete the whole project, and able to achieve our prototyping goal as well. Check out our prototype

Where we are today?

This was the idea presented during our iWeek 2019 (innovator week) presentation, I received 100+ viewer of my presentation, and also got some raving reviews and some of the questions which need a thoughtful consideration as follow:

  1. How are we going to make it ultra-secure? We explored the idea of adding RSA like encryption process (public/private key?)
  2. How we can enroll multiple cards on one single finger? (Adding the geofencing techniques?)
  3. How the “shared card” with kids going to work? Do they need to enroll their fingerprint and heart-pulse too?