Selected work which I am proud of!


Aggregate Intelligence


Aggregate Intelligence aggregate big data company. The product I worked on was StorTrack; it is about data intelligence for the self-storage industry. It was related to enhancing the user experience of StorTrack from ground-up.


Wells Fargo

Design System

Commercial Electronic Office (CEO) Portal needs a scalable and future proof design system. Explore this case study, and see how we restructured it and make it accessible on modern devices, this portal is doing 13 trillion dollars of transaction per year and bringing 43% of Wells Fargo revenue.



Urdu on iOS

This is the story of my effort of bringing century-old language on the world's most advanced smartphone which was developed by a trillion-dollar company. Check out the details how I showed the path to Apple Inc to the untapped world of 500 million people and centuries-old typeface.


Wells Fargo


Have you ever wonder why we are so tethered to our smartwatches and smartphones - especially when it comes to showing the Costco Card or paying via Apple Pay or Google Pay? Let me tell you a story of one of my idea which I tried to patent at Wells Fargo! 


Wells Fargo

UX Game

Empathy exists in every one of us. How to surface it in the corporate world? This is what this game is all about! 


Google - Failed Interview

Healthy Food

I was interviewed by Google, and then they asked to do a design exercise, let me walk you through with what they asked, and what I have presented - and why I have failed! 


UC Berkeley

Being Instructor

Teaching 32 student cohort during the pandemic was not a joke - when Zoom was still in its infancy, and we have to juggle 4 different pieces of software to conduct 4-hour class!


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