Finding Patterns in Chaos

Hello there! Ready to walk with me down the memory lane? This is the page that gives you an insight into my thought pattern. How curiosity guided me and shaped my life. Here I curated some key moments which shaped me what I am today, professionally and personally. Let's take a walk!


In the late 1980s, I came to know about coding and wrote my first GW-Basic app for my dad.


Back in 1989, I came to know about the MSX-Sakhir computer and learned the GW-Basic at school. However, I never loved programming; it was just because of the school; my interest got peaked. Saw my father struggling with maintaining the phone numbers, and that's when I coded my first ever program a Phone Book.

Then come the late 1990s

Around 1995, I started my formal computer education through AT&T Education Center, back in Karachi, Pakistan. There I learn two awesome things a) data analytics and b) Oracle 6.0. However, my computer, the then 486 DX, was not capable of having Unix and Oracle, so I ended up using MS Access to practice Sequential Query Langauge (SQL). Due to my curiosity, I ended up learning the complete Visual Basic for Application (VBA) and ended up making one more app for my dad for his stock portfolios. 

My lesson from this epic turn of my life was no matter what the situation is, there is always a way, and once you cross that hill, you end up learning something remarkable - something brand new which then, in turn, changes your life.


Pirates of Silicon Valley - The movie that brought me to San Jose, CA.


Back in 1999, at my first job, I made few friends, and one of them told me about the movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley." This movie showed me the path to San Jose! The capital of Silicon Valley. I didn't know how I am going to be there, and I have no idea what it will take me to be in that part of the world. However, my inquisitive nature brought me here, and I end up in San Jose on an H1B visa. That sure was an epic moment in my life - because it changed everything! 

October 2002 - Hello San Jose!

Finally, in my dream city, the place which lured me, and made me stay in California till today. I made some great friends here and continue with my coding adventure. I start working for the then newly acquired firm by and start spending my evenings at Borders Books store in Oakridge Mall on Blossom Hill Road. It was one of my most significant achievements in my life. 


The Vision of "Mr. Jack You Are Unwired" in 2003.


I was always observing how people go for shopping, during weekdays and on weekends, and during Christmas.  It gave me an insight into what might be for us in the future? How the smartphones are going to impact our day to day life - my curiosity made me dig deeper into what kind of services we might end up having for our cars, work, coffee, etc. - This whole idea was envisioned back in 2003. 

And then, I pen down my thoughts, and it got published in the local business newspaper, and the extended version got published at Geekzone. 

Hello San Francisco! April 2005

Got hired by a small company named Softagon, based in San Francisco, on Pier 1. Their focus was hedge funds and REITs. I was hired as a contract-to-hire Software Architect. What a day! Because this is where I made a few good friends, and life long skill set, which is resilience and collaboration.

I learned how a small team, if focused on delivering a great product, can beat the giants like SAP. It is what I have learned at AMB (now Prologis), one of the long-time clients of Softagon. Softagon back in 2011 was acqua-hired by Paravedia Corporation. I spent six years with this company, and during that time, I started my career in the field of UX. Another exciting moment of my life!


To be continued...