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Hi there. I am Mudassir Azeemi, a culturally aware Lead Product Designer with 10+ years of experience. I am currently working on a mission-critical Design System for Wells Fargo, leading the product design effort for Commercial Electronic Office (CEO) Portal, and that portal is doing 13 trillion dollars of transactions every year. And I teach at UC Berkeley at UX/UI Bootcamp as a lead instructor. I brought the Urdu language on Apple's iOS 2 billion devices!

I love giving back. For that reason, I recently joined the Amazing Design People List, where I helped 15+ people and counting. I believe one should learn how to tell the story because they resonate with people immediately, and my mantra, in general, is finding patterns in chaos.

If you are considering about hiring me or would like to be mentored, or have me at your podium as a speaker, feel free to  get in touch with via Linkedin  • Twitter  •




My talks have helped more than 1500 UX enthusiasts and entrepreneurs enhance their UX and product strategy skillsets, to advance their careers, and course correction for their startups.



- I have ten years of UX experience and thirteen years of development experience. These are the highlights of my work and the impact I have on the world so far. 

- Because of the design system implementation for CEO Portal at Wells Fargo, we were able to make an eighty-two billion-dollar money movement on mobile platforms.

- Twenty-plus talks and inspired 1500+ audiences.

- Designed, developed, and managed six popular apps for a very niche market, which, in return, impacted the life of 500+ million people around the world. Helped Apple Inc to connect with the half-a-billion people. 

- Earned 8+ years of design system development experience by serving in a high-performance team as a product designer and interim product manager for projects related to it.



Billion dollars









Top apps



OS platforms



Design System



Robin Beers

SVP Customer Insights & Experience Design, Wells Fargo

Mudassir is my favorite kind of innovator; he sees a need and follows a solution through execution. In addition to doing an amazing job as a Lead Framework Interaction Designer for Responsive UI Framework for Wells Fargo's B2B portal services under the Commercial Electronic Office, he regularly leads proof of concept and technology "side projects" to develop innovative ideas in the financial services space.


John Tilly

CEO, Aggregate Intelligence, 365 Media

It is a pleasure to work with Mudassir, he has great enthusiasm and energy for producing great work. He is creative, diligent, and constant in his effort to work on UI/UX ideas and designs and produce better results. I highly recommend him.


Xuan Yue

Product Designer, DocuSign

For the past 2.5 years, Mudassir has been a dedicated speaker and mentor for Hirekind and has helped dozens of mentees find their way through challenging design career next steps. His dedication and global design experience have been incredibly valuable to our community.


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